my father is extremly racist and im secretly dating an asian girl

Its is very hard to change old school minds. I know from see. Been your own life shoes. Even in my twenties parents have become more liberal but prefer someone of the race as me.

way of life, thought, The way a society Asiame runs makes a difference. Also what the kids may be like.

You 14 and too young to date i believe but the issue is about race. address your dad and be upfront. See if matters can be concluded and why he is feels the way he does.

My aunt had the similar issue. Not racist but marry a good kind sorta thing. He asiaMe assumed her son couldn find a more lovelier good hearted person. My cousin wife is Asian. we all like her.

Times development. People can change to. Just should get to know them a little better. baby steps. He might or might not come around. But generally hope. End of the day it your life and your final choice. After 18 i would say do as you please till then i wouldn even want a 14 yr old as of yet.

If you are seriously concerned with your father physically hurting you, If he's, Or ever intends to, Or in history does, discover report him.

some other, You have a number of options. Many of occur to be not fun.

1. encounter your father about his racism. it is easier if he was a Christian, one could throw in some Bible stuff. if he doesn't, He virtually pretty set in his ways, But you should show him that you disapprove.

2. I think really introduce her as a friend first (As many couples don adore to "Go general population" Right out of the box, This is correctly normal) and are a few friends over (involves her). He might get used to is a superb you having an Asian friend, And that way you don have to spring it on him in a short time.

3. don't ever tell him. I let's assume that the approach you taking right now. I don suggested it. could get messy. But it readily available.

well, As much as I dislike thinking about your father being racist, You can be young to be dating. I not going to inform you of that you shouldn date but at 14, Defiance against your parents about who you are dating is probably not going to help the situation, Given mainly that he may be equally disapproving of you dating as he is focused on her race.

If this had been me, I would introduce her as a friend and if however, the problem of her race is raised, make sure you confront him. this way, You can address just this issue without the fact that she is your girlfriend complicating things.

To your own, He is probably completely unaware that he is doing anything wrong and in combination with you hiding your girlfriend from him, clearly all a bit much to spring on him at once.

Hope currently employed things out.

Hows your good mum? perhaps you should tell her. If shes cool many.

or, I think maybe you should just see how the relationship goes. If it gets resolute, Then make sure he understands. kinda slip it in, Give trivial hints and stuff, If that is a good idea.

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