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Shortly after creating Tinder I matched with an amazingly good looking guy. Once we started messaging i stumbled upon he had a great sense of humour and wit to him too toogoodtobetrueright?

As we continued to message one another the discussion became funnier. One day he even sent me a video of himself thrusting with zest on the job whilst no one was looking. chit chat

Ordinarily I would like to date/ settle down with someone born and bred in England to avoid too many culture clashes but I felt like this guy already possessed many of the qualities I admire in a potential partner. I could have been okay with either but both would have been hard to have my folks get on board with.

warming up if he's from India but not Jatt, My parents would have simply insisted they find a good guy from India; Not if you know I don't generally get along with guys from India when dating them. The only reason I got and with this guy was because he was a more evolved Indian born Sikh which I'll go into shortly.

Essentially it's a term used to describe an immigrant. It's short for the phrase 'fresh off the boat' which basically refers to the days when immigrants used to sail abroad.

The term freshee could be offensive because of its origins. the reason here is to explore (and as well question) The definition/ idea of a freshee.

Why and how did the stigma manifest?

I'm not too sure and not much comes up when you try to Google it either. However freshees appear to have become mainly stigmatised by first generation western born Indians.

eventhough uncalled for, I assume the stigma had developed thanks to the initial differences between British born Indians and Indians from India.

you see much, The British Indian generations became westernised when bought up in Britain (Or other westernised cities such as Canada/ America). Therefore they Asiame ended up developing western beliefs and interests associated with (Or including) Their Indian cultural values. That's where the visible difference would lie. The Indian born generation around the same age would not are suffering from these interests since they had little/ no exposure to a Western society.

This is not alway a difficult obstacle to overcome. as for instance my friend Mr Support married a woman from India and he's the happiest he's ever been.

However somewhere along the line this idea developed that if a western born Indian was desperate to get married they could always 'easily' find someone to get married with from India since single Indians are keen to live a better life in a first world country.

Somewhere along the line this developed into a bad joke targeted at people finding it hard to choose the right type of person to settle down with; "Let's just find you someone from India dust options there, effectively some westernised folk had turned this into a negative, Laughable option.

I explained this to Mr Westernised and he explained why he was not your 'typical freshee' by praoclaiming that he was an army brat. in reality, His Dad had joined the army which meant his family received lots of beneficial perks such as venturing, Incredible education and meeting lots of cool people which consequently led to a more cultured lifestyle (Hence why Mr Westernised didn't fit into the stereotypical view of a freshee).

He even used Priyanka Chopra as an illustration. She's an army brat and that's why she doesn't fit your typical Indian citizen profile she hasn't had an average education/ cultural exposure when compared with other Indians from this third world country which you can see from her interviews.

Despite him being an amazing match for me, He had a stronger accent. This was a bit hard for me to get around because it brought to mind my parents/ elder relatives which kind of killed the attraction. I did feel guilty not pursuing this for an accent, So I decided to keep in contact and maybe with time something could develop.

stated, At the back of my mind I did also wonder whether people would think I married someone born in India because I struggled to hire a roofer from England. I worried that smokers would mock me or talk behind my back. reality I knew that wasn't a valid enough reason to say no to someone, I ultimately explained that I didn't feel this would go anywhere and i mentioned cast being an issue.

I know what I did won't consider very fair by my readers but I wanted to be honest about this because it's a common issue. There is a stigma attached to people born in India and although I still struggled with is a superb settling down with an Indian born Sikh, I without any doubt felt that Mr Westernised had strongly challenged my idea of what a freshee is like. We cannot simply assume that we will not be friends with them because we were raised in different countries.

I also wanted to spotlight the jokes aimed at 'freshees'. It's not nice and we are not better than them since we were born in a different country it may make us more fortunate, though not better.

I also find it fascinating how easy it is to forget we could have been in their position too struggling to find someone to marry outside of our country. The only distinction between them and us is that our parents/ ancestors migrated and theirs either didn't or couldn't.

That's why I feel for them when they want to leave and go to a more fortunate country where equality and prosperity is more likely so in retrospect I feel these jokes are just in poor taste. Foodforthought thinkbeforeyouspeak

Mr Dyer stumbled upon as 'hard' when we initially got to know each other and he genuinely sounded like Dany Dyer with his East London accent. He seemed to be a potentially a sweet guy deep down despite his slight 'rude boy' persona at times. Therefore after a little brief messaging on Dil Mil, I wanted to meet him for a drink at Stratford.

Although the date was nice overall some things made me unsure about Mr Dyer. He'd pretended not to know something about me that I know he'd read on my asiand8 profile (As asiand8 has a 'who's viewed you' offer).

We also talked about past relationships during which point I asked 'what's the scariest thing you've ever done to a girl'.

He then went on to tell me inside regards to time he walked in on his (so) lady with another guy. furious, He chased the guy with a baseball bat and beat him attempting. I researched him shocked, and after that he replied, 'yeah that has been pretty bad I'm not proud of that, But I suppose that's the scariest thing I've done when a girl was involved.'

He went on to spellout that he has a really bad temper sometimes which is hard for him to control. nearly my idea of hubby material.