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Hi I posted such like on another sub but I think I will get more out of posting in this sub. So I have a predicament on my hands. anyway i (m31) asiame.Com And happen to pursued by (f24) Who is half china and Thai. She is always so sweet to me and always engages in experience sends hints my way and overall has a genuine interest in me.

I been with plenty of black women, One white woman, and some biracial women but never an Asian woman. I there are ample Asian friends, My best friend I knew as a kid is Loas, Some had cousins or a sister who was intrigued by me but I never found any of them attractive. But this girl differs from the others. She splendid, funny, Very sensible, Cute and the most important part she just plain likes me for me. So I asking because I don see this often precisely how is it dating an Asian girl? She from Chicago but grew up in the suburbs I from a small town mostly urban. I don think that matters but I just real hesitant smh. Just tell me your encounters if any and any advice is welcome. thanx!you adore her, She prefers you, Date her and if it doesn workout regularly then say so. Theres no reason looking for reasons why it might not work from a bunch of people online who don know her. You can become familiar her and gain this new experience. many a time dating people doesn work out too, But i mean ok. Im mixed and have dated all individuals and I only regretted it once due to the guy being a jerk and I know AsiaME.COM he wasn a jerk based on his race, It was because he wasn good for me and we weren similar belief. Theres only one way to find out who you dealing with because you can make generalizations about races, Theres always destined to be variations of the norm. fortune.

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