Lost Dimension (EUR) VPK PSVita

Lost Dimension (EUR) VPK PSVita
Eleven people with psychic powers find themselves forced to climb all the floors of a tower in order to eliminate The End, a mysterious individual who gives them an ultimatum. They have 30 days to defeat their enemy before it sends a nuclear warhead to each of the planet's capitals. But to avoid the apocalypse and eliminate this bullet-insensitive individual, they'll have to make it to the top of this tower, knowing that the only way to get from one floor to another is to sacrifice one of them. It is by majority that the vote will be decided, and if we are to believe the words of The End, there would be a traitor among them ...
Release Date:    July 28, 2015
Genre:    Tactical RPG
Publisher:    Atlus, FuRyu, Lancarse, Nippon Ichi Software
Region:    EUR
Languages:    English
Dump Type:    VPK
Size:    985 MB
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