Shadow The Hedgehog GC ISO (USA) (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)

Shadow The Hedgehog GC ISO
Shadow the Hedgehog on Gamecube is an action / platform game that focuses on this little-known character from the Sonic universe, created by Professor Robotnik. An army of extraterrestrials invades the Earth. The leader, Black Doom, seems to know you well and orders you to recover Chaos Emeralds. What are you going to do ? Rally the cause of humans? Obey Black Doom? Keep emeralds for you?
This is the rare Japanese version of the game for Gamecube. It includes Japanese voice acting (unlike the international GC versions because of space) and despite being a Japanese ISO, the game has options to play in various languages, including English. This feature can be seen in most, if not all Sonic games from this era.
Release Date:    December 15, 2005
Genre:    Action-Adventure, Platformer 3D, Third Person Shooter
Publisher:    SEGA, Sega Studio USA
Region:    USA
Languages:    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish
Image Format:    ISO
SIZE : 1.1 GB