Klonoa (USA-English,FR,SPA) WII ISO

Klonoa WII ISO
Klonoa on Wii is a title of platforms in which you control Klonoa, a winged-winged being in a world where no one can remember his dreams except you. One day, one of your dreams becomes reality and you go to investigate this phenomenon with your companion Hewpoe through 12 levels. Use enemies as weapons or use them to propel you through the air, and discover the secret of imprisoned dreams.
Release Date:    May 5, 2009
Genre:    Action, Platformer, Platformer 2D
Publisher:    Bandai Namco Games
Region:    USA (NTSC-U)
Languages:    English,FR,SPA
Image Format:    ISO
Game ID:    R96EAF
SIZE : 1.80 GB