Tales of Graces (English Patched+DLC) Wii ISO

Tales of Graces (English Patched+DLC) Wii ISO
Tales Of Graces is a role-playing game on Wii that takes the universe of the series and introduces a new combat system that allows you to fight with the Wiimote and switch between several fighting styles. You play Asbel Lhant, an 18 year old boy who finds himself in a conflict between 3 countries.
Release Date:    December 10, 2009
Genre:    Action RPG, JRPG
Publisher:    Namco Bandai Games
Region:    Japan (NTSC-J)
Languages:    English Patched, Japanese
Image Format:    ISO
Game ID:    STGJAF
Partial English Patch v0.8:
This Iso already patched with v0.8 English partial patch
This is only translated the load/save munu and some skill/item name, story and main menu everything are still in japanese, original translation project are cancelled due the English localization of Tales of Graces F came on PS3

you can have HD Textures by downloading this patch here ToG HD
place “STGJAF” folder to “Document/Dolphin Emulator/Load/Textures”
in Dolphin go to graphic>advance>check load costume textures


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