Persona 2: Innocent Sin (USA) (En) ISO PSP

Persona 2: Innocent Sin (USA) (En) ISO PSP
The events of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, the turn-based role playing game on Playstation Portable, take place 3 years after the first one. As in Persona, you control a group of high school students in the Japanese city of Sumaru, recently hit by a terrible curse, and you go in search of the truth. Many perils threaten your quest, such as a strange being called himself the "Joker", as well as various demons and other monsters.
Release Date:    September 20, 2011
Genre:    RPG
Publisher:    Atlus
Type:    PSP ISO
Unpacked Size:    1.05 GB
Region:    USA (NTSC-U)
Languages:    English
Disc ID:    ULUS-10584