Legend Of Foresia : La Contrée Interdite iso psx [PAL-FR]

Legend Of Foresia : La Contrée Interdite iso psx [PAL-FR]
This game is not a success but it exploits all the basic points of the MMORPGs which make a tobacco of nowadays. In conclusion, it is better to do a test yourself (preferably several) rather than to miss because we read a bad review.

Legend of Foresia: The Forbidden Region on Playstation is a role play / action. The title has the particularity of being multiplayer which makes it possible to face the adversaries and to progress in this medieval universe to several. The app has a very Japanese visual.
Developer: THQ
Publisher: THQ
Type of Game: Role Playing
Release date: 1999
Platform: Ps1

French language
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 1
Size: 337 mo
Format: Iso