Diablo iso psx [PAL-MULTI]

Diablo iso psx [PAL-MULTI]
You could never have imagined the horror awaiting you by returning to Tristam: an unbearable stench resulting from the atrocious carnage perpetrated by the invaders of an underground world. The survivors speak of a bloodthirsty monster living in the labyrinth located in the crypt of the church. Burning with the desire for revenge, you have only one goal: to destroy Diablo.
Battle your way through the maze of Diablo and get your character ready for the adventure, the more you kill, the more experience you'll gain.
When you end up facing the Dark Lord, you must be powerful enough to annihilate him. In the city ... your adventure begins in Tristam, your hometown. Get to know the city and its inhabitants before you venture into the labyrinth.

When you are in poor health or need something special, go back to town. The artisans and merchants have many skills and varied knowledge that can be useful to you ...

- You will meet more than 100 evil henchmen. Strength and magic will help you kill these monsters ... Enter the Kingdom of Diablo!
Developer: Climax (uk)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Role Playing / Action
Theme: Heroïc-fantasy
Release date: 1998 (USA) - 1998 (Japan)
Platform: Psone
Language: PAL-Multi (Ang / Fr / All /)

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