Tales Of Destiny iso psx [NTSC-US]

Tales Of Destiny iso psx [NTSC-US]
He is a simple person, naive but with a big heart like that. He knows how to handle the sword like any other young man of his age, in short, someone normal with his qualities and faults.
He embarks so clandestinely on a Draconis, airlift vehicle (well, yeah, it's expensive to travel when you're a poor peasant) when, lack of luck, he is spotted. Too bad luck, this device carries something precious and he finds himself taken for a spy or a vulgar bandit. But a misfortune never comes alone, the Draconis is stormed by evil creatures who seem to be looking for something (when you are told that you must never carry precious things, we must listen to us) . : Mrgreen:
Panic on board! Stahn is free to move but for how long? Quick, he runs to get his sword but can not find it (raaaah, these sentinels, I swear!). Walking in the Draconis, he falls into a room where he hears whispers. Someone calls him ... That's when he meets Dymlos ... A "Swordian" ... A sword ...

As you discover the scenario, you will certainly be led to think that it is classic in its denouement. I will say yes and no. I would agree with you if you are able, after an hour, to tell me who is the big villain not beautiful and I doubt that you get there. Not that he's as unpredictable as the final boss of Final Fantasy IX (far from it) but nothing is obvious in this game before the last five hours. This trial-and-error progression allows you to want to know each time a little more. Add to this that each of the characters has a little story and the scenario only gets richer.
Publisher: Namco
Developer: Namco
Type: Role Playing
Release date: 1997

Quality: ISO
English language
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File size: 220 MB
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