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"Saint-Emilion is a town located 35 km north-east of Bordeaux and built amphitheatrically; there is a monolithic church unique in the world and more than 70 hectares of underground galleries carved into the limestone rock. Monuments and remains of the great Romanesque era rub shoulders there, and its stones, with the soft reflections ocher color, carry in them all the spirit of the city.
Why a very synthetic description of this small town Girondine (and not the great wine of the same name yet much more known)? Quite simply because Squaresoft, after having made many scoutings, decided to make it the frame of Vagrant Story (except for the cathedral which draws its inspirations on the side of Paris, Bourges and especially Chartres). Unofficially anyway, since the story unfolds in fact in a fictional world rocked by heroic fantasy and witchcraft; the player plays Ashley Riot, a Riskbreaker who is assigned a very delicate mission: the mansion of Duke Bardorba is assaulted at night by the religious fanatics of Müllenkamp under the command of the enigmatic (and more very human) Sydney Losstarot ... Follows the massacre of all the occupants of the luxurious building and the kidnapping of Joshua, the grandson of the duke, then the withdrawal of Sydney in the sinister city of LeaMundis. Our hero finds himself accused of having committed the package, he starts of course with the kits of Sydney, and the mysteries which surround his personality and his past will rise during the adventure in the form of flashbacks moderately original ... The scenario is not exceptionally dense, but we can not be mistaken, its efficiency is formidable and it is very mature by the themes it addresses. It also reserves some beautiful twists ...
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft
Type of Game: Role Playing
French release: June 21, 2000

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Number of files: 1
Size of files: 79 MB

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