Medievil 2 iso psx [PAL-MULTI] Patche Paradox

To sum up the story a bit, it all started when Sir Dan Fortesque was killed in the 13th century by the hand of Zarok the sorcerer. The latter, versed in necromancy, wanted to dominate the region thanks to a powerful grimoire allowing him to wake the dead. His fate lifted an army of skeletons, but at the same time awoke our hero, who, with his unique eye but still alive, hastened to go in search of Zarok and kick his ass. The scenario of the second episode takes place now 500 years later, in 1888. In the midst of the industrial revolution, London is an active city and pollution settles slowly. While our beloved Sir Dan rests, dusty in a museum, Lord Palethorn devotes himself to his favorite pastime, necromancy. Returning to Zarok's grimoire, he again summons the dead to serve him. Fortesque also returns to the hard living condition and is again faced with an army of zombies in the pay of Palethorn.
In principle, Medievil faithfully repeats the theme of his predecessor. The game is divided into different levels located in different worlds and Medievil 2 takes the good old system level with big boss for dessert. In total, no less than 17 long levels that will plunge you into a Victorian, lugubrious and cold London. This atmosphere on the edge of the Gothic is constantly counterbalanced by a black humor and a corrosive graphic. Most video scenes and dialogs are always pretty satirical or just funny to permanently break the gore effects or the terrifying atmosphere that the developers have inserted. It is very well done and between the pace and the high quality of the scenario, it's a real treat to find this atmosphere.
Type of Game: Adventure
Release Date: French: April 19, 2000
Platform: PSX
Language: PAL-MULTI (Paradox patch) (Ang / Fr / All)
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 1
Size of files: 303 MB
Format: Iso