Breath Of Fire III iso psx [PAL-FR]

For the story, in the idea, it is quite close to that of Spyro The Dragon !! Indeed, you play Ruy, the only survivor of the legendary clan of dragons. Rest assured: the resemblance stops there: Breath Of Fire 3 is a role-playing game, it's even the first in the Breath Of Fire series to be ported to a 32-bit console. For the record, Breath Of Fire is a classic on the consoles of older generations. The game begins in a mine in which two miners make a strange discovery: they discover caught in the ice a dragon, that they wake up inadvertently: it's you !! You are the only survivor of an ancient time when a powerful clan of dragons had accumulated such power that they had been able to annihilate the world !!!
Type of Game: Role Playing
Release Date: December 01, 1998
Platform: Psx

French language
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Number of files: 1
Size of files: 98.03 MB
format: iso