Suikoden II iso psx [PAL-FR]

So here is Suikoden, the second of the name who seems to enter the place as worthy heir to his grandfather of 97. Once again the adventures to which you will have to participate take place against the backdrop of war between different factions that treachery and lies do not suffocate to achieve their ends. In the midst of this gigantic conflict of interest: a young orphan, adopted by an old man and whose main concern is to see his hometown again. Accompanied by his best friend Jowy, he leaves under the constraint of an attack from the garrison where he lives to discover his origins in defiance of the greatest danger. But behind this scenario a little cutesy, is actually hiding a fresco much more epic. The boy is far from suspecting the journey that will make his return to Kyaro.
Your character only needs to learn new spells using runes and increase his characteristics as varied as defense, technique or even luck. The whole thing is nonetheless quite complex and we find ourselves quite quickly between the very intuitive controls and the system of statuses which in the end is much more affordable than a certain FF 7 and its subtle mixes of Materia . The set is very nice and should not disgust the player by too much complexity. The difficulty is therefore progressive as the strength of the enemies encountered to end in turn-by-turn battles mobilizing the Army League or the Imperial Army. The concept as well as the game principle of Suikoden remain unchanged gifts and we will even find characters of the first episode such as Victor or Flik.
Developer: KCET
Publisher: Konami
Genre: Role Playing
Release date: French: July 28, 2000
Platform: Psone

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Language: PAL-FR
Format: Iso