Wild Arms 2 iso psx [NTSC-US]

Wild Arms 2 is a Playstation role-playing game that puts you in the shoes of Ashley, a young soldier who is transformed into a demon. Determined to get the bad out of his body, he meets Brad, a criminal and former war hero, and Lilka, a magician. In trying to uncover the forces that brought the demon into Ashley's body, the group will reveal a much larger secret ...
- Type of game: Role play
- Platform: PS1
- Release date: April 30, 2000 (USA) - September 2, 1999 (Japan)
- Language: NTSC-US
- Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Hosting files: MEGA
Number of files: 2
Size of cut files (MO): CD 1: 203 and cd 2: 235
Cut with: Winrar
- Release type: Files: ccd / sub / img