The Legend Of Dragoon iso psx [PAL-FR]

Initially alone and inexperienced, you are on your way to your village when a mysterious warrior saves you from a gigantic dragon. Barely recovered from his emotions, the hero, Dart, then discovers his completely devastated village and then goes in search of his sweetheart, trapped in a fortress. This is where our two friends will meet a brave warrior who will join them to escape and free the nearby castle. Soon, the quest will become much more serious, involving terrible forces, and the characters will discover little by little mysterious powers.
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony
Type: Role Playing
Release date: December 13, 2000

French language
Number of files: 4
File size: cd 1: 224 / cd 2: 258 / cd 3: 308 / cd 4: 355
Download Method: Mega