Croc iso psx [PAL-Uk]

The life of the Gobbos, small balls of hair with bulging eyes, is suddenly turned upside down by the arrival of a baby crocodile, apparently abandoned off their volcanic island. King Rufus pities the little saurian and then decides to raise him as a member of his tribe. Everything goes so well for the little animal until Baron Dante and his henchmen, the Dantinis, decide to spread panic among the tribe.
Seeing his subjects being captured one after the other, Rufus strikes Birdie's bird's gong so that it carries Fang off before it gets caught in turn. Although the young crocodile is now safe, it is not the same for the sovereign, who finds himself imprisoned in the castle of Dante. From now on alone, Croc must find the members of his adopted family and personally face the Baron to deliver his beloved King.
Developer: Argonaut Games
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Type of Game: Platforms
Release Date: November 17, 1997 (USA)
Platform: PSX

English language
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 1
Size of the file: 329 Mo
Format: Files: Bin / Cue