Oddworld : L'Odyssee D'Abe iso psx [PAL-FR]

Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey is an action / adventure game on Playstation. You play as Abe and you have to save your skin in a universe full of evil dangers where everyone tries to devour you alive. In this endless escape, the use of powers is welcome to save your race.
Oddworld is a dangerous world strewn with traps and pitfalls. Between mines, some of which are defusable with good timing, electric barriers and different enemies, each game screen becomes an enigma to solve to move to the next. Your main opponents early in the game are the Sligs, sort of bipedal guards armed with a good big machine gun. Torturers with the Mudokons, they will not hesitate to send you to the afterlife if they cross you, especially since the slightest attack will be fatal. Fortunately for you, Abe can captivate them to control them remotely, which can be used for many things, such as killing other enemies, or giving orders to the Slugs, kind of particularly swift little dogs. Your main problem will come from different traps, all of which have the common point of being 100% dead. You often have the choice between exploding in pieces or being rolled by a meat grinder, which is not a perfect ending, even for a Mudokon.
Publisher: GT Interactive Software
Developer: Oddworld Inhabitants
Type: Platforms
Release date FR: October 1997
Mulitplayer Mode: 1 Player

Format: ISO
French language
Number of files: 1
Size: 451 mo
Download Method: Mega