Oddworld : L'Exode D'Abe iso psx [PAL-MULTI]

Oddworld: Abe's Exodus is an action / adventure game on Playstation. You play Abe in a platform environment represented in 2D. In this game, you have to jump, run, go up and down from level to level, operate levers, open doors, take elevators ... Abe will have to face the Glukons, and deliver his many compatriots detained and forced to work to find bones. You will have to help them escape.
Publisher: GT Interactive
Developer: Oddworld inhabitants
Type: Platforms
Release date: November 1998
Mulitplayer mode: 1 or 2 players

Format: ISO
French language
Cutting method: Winrar
Number of files: 2 cd
Sizes of the files: cd 1: 403 mo / cd 2: 331 mo
Hosting files: Mega