Aladdin : la Revanche de Nasira iso psx [PAL-FR]

The player will play Aladdin, but also his faithful friend Abu and his tender Jasmine in a relatively large 3D-real-time platform game since the designers guarantee forty hours of play. The adventure is indeed the real journey, since our hero must sneak between the guards in the market of Agrabah, break into the palace of the sultan, he will then be locked in a dungeon where he will be delivered by Abu, to try then to cross the oasis and the Cave of Wonders to save Jasmine in the pyramids, and finally enter the ruined palace and the ancient city to finally reach Nasira's lair. The levels are also absolutely not linear and the fact of being able to embody different characters ensures a very diversified gameplay.
Developer: Argonaut Games
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Genre: Action / Platforms
Release date: 2000
Platform: Psone

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Language: FR
Format: Iso