Castlevania - Symphony of the Night iso psx [PAL-UK]

Welcome to the land of vampires ....
The Belmont family is virtually famous for having counted countless times Count Vlad Tepes aka Dracula of the mortal world. As is customary, Dracula is reminded of life (if you can call it that) every 100 years.
The action began in 1792 with Richter Belmont. This one is, under the eyes of his sister Maria, the count sucking blood. As usual, the vampire's castle disappears with him in the shadows; Richter Belmont seems to have escaped the adventure because since that day, he has never been seen again.
However, 50 years after these events, the fruit of chaos is repacking its stones. Why so early ?
Alucard, the son of Dracula, half-man half-vampire is throwing himself into a strange adventure to investigate this mystery.

The action of the game is located in the castle of Dracula. This building is a maze where the shortest way is certainly not the straight line! Various themes will mark your steps like the entrance hall, the marble corridor, the pendulum walk, the scientific lab, the big chapel, the catacombs and so on. Gothic atmosphere and appointments with guaranteed zombies, this is the house that offers.

At the base adventure game, guided by your map, you will lead our beautiful Alucard in the meanders of the corridors to reach the master of the place. Some places will be accessible only after obtaining a power, object etc.

And yes, the big novelty of the game is that it combines again a system of experience and inventory as in RPGs. All this adds a considerable interest to the game that becomes really addictive: the further you go, the stronger you become.
All collected items will accumulate in an inventory that you can allocate as you see fit (with limitations) to your left hand, right hand, head, bust, neck and fingers.
Indeed some weapons will occupy your 2 hands while others only one. You can hit successively with 2 different weapons if the urge takes you. To this is added the special weapon like the knife, the ax, the holy water, the holy cross and so on. The use of this special weapon costs you "hearts" (the number varies by weapon), hearts that you collect by killing enemies or breaking the furniture of the corner.
Type of Game: Action
Release Date: French: November 1997
Platform: PSX

English language
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Number of files: 1
Size of files: 391 MB
Format: Iso