Legacy of Kain : Blood Omen iso psx [PAL-FR]

Filled with dungeons and spells, and guided by a large-scale scenario that lays the foundation for the saga. Nosgoth is a country tormented by chaos and violence, a land that Kain, a vampire gradually disgusted by humans, will be happy to conquer.
French voices, sound effects (special mention to the sound of the blood we suck), cinematics, dark graphics
this story of revenge quite moving it must be said, the pillars of Nosgoth, the transformations of the hero ..
Type of game: Action-Adventure
- Platform: PS1
- Release date: October 31, 1996 (USA)
- Publisher: BMG Interactive
Hosting files: Mega
Number of files: 1
Size (MO): 438
Cut with: Winrar
Language: PAL-FR
Format: Iso