Legacy of Kain : Soul Reaver iso psx [PAL-FR]

So you also take on the role of Raziel, Kain's first lieutenant, condemned to eternal suffering after having the audacity to get a nice pair of wings before his lord and master.
Retrieved by the Elder, God of the spiritual dimension, this one gives you the opportunity to have your revenge on Kain by endowing you with powers related to your spectrum nature. The thirst for vengeance will then guide your steps to the final destruction of your executioner and his henchmen ... Finally, perhaps.
he can jump on all sides, run, walk silently, crouch, push crates, open doors, hover, etc. Not satisfied with his versatility, Raziel is also able to combine different keys to obtain variations in his movements.
During the fights, the key to walk will serve him to remain always in front of his adversaries. Another example, squatting and jumping, his leaps will reach a record altitude.
Throughout the levels, Raziel moves from the material sphere to the spiritual sphere, a sort of immaterial counterpart of reality. Raziel is a spiritual being and his reserve of energy will be permanently solicited in the material sphere to be able to stay there.
Immortal in the spectral plane, an untimely death in the material sphere will simply make you return to the spiritual sphere. It is therefore an eternal being that you play but many ways to slow you down exist.
First of all monsters are present in both worlds and Raziel will have to get rid of them. To do it, nothing more simple ... They are vampires most of the time and like you, they fear the fire, the light, the water and the pal.
Raziel must weaken them enough to be able to impale them with a weapon or a spear on a wall or throw them into the other three elements that are repeatedly in the levels. This unorthodox concept of fighting forces you to hit an opponent all the time until you knock him out before having a chance to kill him.
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Type of Game: Action
Release Date: French: 1999/1999 (USA)
Platform: PSX
Language: PAL-FR (Paradox patch)
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 1
Size of the file: 347 mo
Format: Iso