Tail Concerto iso psx [PAL-FR]

The story takes place in a realm where men (women) cats and men (women) coexist. Waffle meets the young Alicia who has just lost her parents. To console her, he offers her a pendant with a magnificent blue crystal. Several years go by in this world of islands floating in the sky. Waffle is now a young policeman and begins his vacation. Unfortunately for him they stop there because a band called the "Black Cats" attack the island of Resaca. Going to investigate there, he will have to catch several kittens that cause damage and finally meet the people responsible for all this. The surprise is at the rendezvous: The chief is none other than Alicia, accompanied by her two "sisters", Flare and Stair. They are looking for crystals. Fool wants the crystals and does not hesitate to manipulate the Black Cats. He made them believe that it will help catmen create a new world where they can live in peace, away from dogmen. What the three girls do not know is that these crystals contain the power to invoke the Giant God of Steel, a powerful and uncontrollable being who once destroyed the world. Waffle will try to stop them even if he can not stop at the good times with Alicia in the past.
- Type of game: Action-Adventure
- Platform: PS1
- Release date: French: December 1998
- Publisher: Bandai
- Category: All Audiences
Hosting files: Mega
Number of files: 1
- Format: Iso
- Language: PAL-FR
Cut with: Winrar
Size: 275 MB