Spyro 2 iso psx [PAL-MULTI]

Avalar is in danger: the cruel and stupid toad Ripto has just invaded him with his two crush and gulp acolytes. Persecuted by the tyrant, the inhabitants of Avalar have more than enough and decide to finish with this despot. They summon a powerful dragon and intercept Spyro leaving for the beach. The surprise is big but convinced by the enthusiasm of Spyro to help them, the latter goes in search of the 14 talismans of the world of Avalar to defeat Ripto.
Always seeing your spitting fire-back lizard, you advance into the levels and multitude of alternate worlds that Avalar offers. The 29 levels that make up the game are of great diversity in equally different environments ranging from the great enchanted forest to the snowy world or inside a volcano. In each of these worlds, you will have different missions to accomplish, the main one being the quest for the talisman of the world. These sub-missions are very diverse and can consist of collecting objects in a minimum of time or even defeat a small boss but sometimes goals really funny and fun.
Type of Game: Platforms
Release Date: French: November 2, 1999
Platform: PSX
Language: PAL-MULTI (fr / ang / ita / all / esp)
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 1
Size: 422 MB
Format: Iso: