Driver iso psx [PAL-FR]

Driver iso psx [PAL-FR]
You are Tanner, an FBI agent infiltrated in the mafia. You work in submarine and must do the dirty work to make you accept and be able to dismantle the network. The game is separated into two modes. The first, "take a walk" offers to familiarize yourself with the commands. Then, a mode "race" and finally, an adventure mode. In the latter, the 44 missions follow a well-crafted scenario that will take you to four cities: Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. The scenario is non-linear and it's 3 different purposes that you can get.
14 cars of the 70's were modeled from the vintage models. And there, it is strong. Driver offers the most advanced real-time 3D model I've seen on Playstation. Everything is here ! Cars behave in a hyper-realistic way. They turn, the wheels lock when braking, the collisions take into account the trajectories and speeds. The tires leave marks on the asphalt. Physical models are respected down to the smallest detail. So when it rains, the headlights are reflected on the roadway. Another example, when cars bounce off the road, we can feel the reaction of the shock absorbers and we can see sparks gushing from the underside of the car! In short, the 3D engine of Driver is excellent! Never seen !
Publisher: GT Interactive
Type of Game: Race
Release Date: June 1999
Platform: PSX

French language
Hosting files: Mega
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Number of files: 1
Size of files: 368 MB
Format: Files: Bin / cue