Cool Boarders 3 iso psx [PAL-Uk]

Cool Boarders 3 iso psx [PAL-Uk]
This time, and contrary to the first two versions, it is no longer the developers of UEP Systems who are the prime contractors, but the team of Idol Minos. Cool Boarders 3 is therefore a game quite different from the other two, because the engine of the game has completely changed, for the better, and for the worse ...
Also a lot more variety in Cool Boarders 3: 36 courses to discover for 6 events (Downhill, Boarder Cross, Slalom, Half-Pipe, Big Air and SLope Style), more than twenty characters and many boards with features distinct.
Developer: Idol Minds
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Genre: Sport
Release date: 1998 (USA) - 1998 (Japan)
Platform: Psone

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File size: 140 MB
English language
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