Metal Gear Solid iso psx [PAL-FR]

The action is in the 21st century on the Bering Sea, somewhere in Alaska. A rebel commando stormed a secret military base full of nuclear weapons. This commando, the Foxhound Special Forces, simply threatens to trigger a nuclear attack within 24 hours. They hold two government members hostage. Impossible to attack the base directly without fearing a nuclear response. The only solution is to entrust an infiltration mission to a single man, a specialist infiltration: Snake: ie you!
Your goal is to get into the base without being spotted, to find the two hostages safe and sound and to neutralize nuclear weapons. Of course, this mission is strictly confidential. You will not have any official logistical support or military assistance. Only your codec will allow you to be in radio communication with your superiors.
You play as Solid Snake, and you arrive at the base by water. You will first have to avoid the guards, and look how to get into the base. Attention, you can be easily identified: your footprints in the snow, a noise, a surveillance camera that you had not seen ... It will have to play cunning and insight. No need to run into the pile, you'd be killed in less time than it takes to say.

You will have to progress by hiding behind containers. Plate against the walls, squat down so you do not get noticed, and even crawl through the air ducts to avoid being spotted.
If, unfortunately, a guard were to discover you, he would immediately begin to bring up his colleagues, and a real manhunt would compel you to either use your fists or your weapons (at first you have no weapon you will need to have it back first), either hiding and waiting until the alert is over.

You will progress thus, by recovering new objects or new weapons, by discovering new passages in order to free the hostages then to neutralize the nuclear weapons. The progression is relatively easy, even if at the beginning, you will often be blocked, looking for an issue or an index ...
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami
Theme: Espionage
Type of Game: Action
Release Date: French: 1999
Platform: PSX
Language: Pal-Fr
Hosting files: Mega
Cut out with: Winrar
Number of files: 2
Size of the files: CD 1: 428 mo / cd 2: 392 mo
Format: Files: Bin / Cue