Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Battle 22 iso psx [PAL-FR]

Dragon Ball Z : Ultimate Battle 22 iso psx [PAL-FR]
Two fighters clash among a choice of 27 characters available. In reality there is at the beginning only 22 but a code allows to unlock 5 more. These 27 protagonists are almost all from the original volumes and episodes of the series.
We find otherwise the usual heroes of DBZ games (Sangoku, Vegeta, Sangohan, Cell, Freezer etc ...) but also rarer characters (Zarbon, Tenshinhan, Tortoise Genius or Hercules).
- Type of game: Combat
- Platform: PS1
- Release date: French: July 1996
- Publisher: Bandai

Hosting files: Mega
Number of files: 1
File size (MO): 198
Cut with: Winrar
- Language: PAL-FR
- Format: Files: Bin / Cue