Eternal Eyes iso psx [PAL-MULTI]

Eternal Eyes iso psx [PAL-MULTI]
Luke, a red-eyed boy descending from the Cucurotheatros, a vanished race that had the power to command the "Magical Puppets Monsters".
Luke, of course, has inherited this power, and he will be able to use these strange creatures over the course of history to defeat his enemies as easily as possible. There are 150 of them, and if you collect them all ...
The game is 3D isometric, with characters in the form of sprites. This technique allows the user to rotate the camera at leisure to better direct his characters, and the game to zoom at will according to the scripting needs.
When it comes to fighting, the only moments in the game where you really have to make decisions, they are played on a turn-based strategy like Final Fantasy Tactics. As always, you will need the best equipment to improve your chances of winning a clash, and you will also have the classic attacks of thirty magic attacks and of course the powers of Poké ... Magical Puppets
- Type of game: Role play / Tactic
- Platform: PS1
- Release date: French: November 2000
- Language: PAL-MULTI (Ang / Fr / Ita / All / Esp)
- Publisher: Sunsoft
- Category: All Audiences
- Format: Iso

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Size of cut files (MO): 151 MB
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