Final Fantasy Tactics iso psx [NTSC-US]

Final Fantasy Tactics iso psx [NTSC-US]
The story takes place in a kingdom called Ivalice, dotted with castles, and knights are not rare. You are at the heart of a conflict between two rulers fighting to take possession of the throne. This conflict will carry you straight into a war called the Lions War. This name is simply due to the symbols of the two kingdoms enemies, the white lion and the black lion.

The hero is Ramza Beoulve, son of Balbanes and from a powerful family. His best friend is Delita Hyral, he is the son of the family who serves the Beoulve (a peasant). They will also engage in a military school: Gariland.

Meanwhile, the Death Corps is formed. This is a group of death knights led by a certain Wiegraf, who had already fought in the war of fifty years. After receiving too little consideration for their sacrifices during the war, they became outlaws and terrorized towns and villages. We then decide to form a group capable of stopping this plague. That's when the Death Corps arrives in Gariland where Ramza and Delita manage to defeat them.
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft
Type of Game: Role / Tactical Game
Release France: Not communicated (January 28, 1998 in the United States - June 20, 1997 in Japan)

Hosting files: Mega
Number of files: 1
Size of files: 195 MB

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