Kula World iso psx [PAL-Uk]

Kula World iso psx [PAL-Uk]
All the owners of the Demo One Rouge remember Kula World, this game featuring a balloon to solve the puzzles of a Labyrinth filled with bonuses ... And trap! Go, admit that you too have done and redone the few levels available (4 if I remember correctly) available on the demo.

If the challenge of the demo seemed easy, you will immediately be disappointed in front of the full game. Although the first levels can not be simpler, things get complicated soon after. We often break our head to search by or go before the end of the clock and without falling into the void! In addition, levels are often constructed in such a way that the solution rarely jumps to the eye at first glance. In short, a real challenge for the junkies of the puzzles.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Game Design Sweden AB
Type: Reflection
Release date: 1998

Format: Files: Bin / cue
English language
Number of files: 1
File size: 131 mo
Download Method: Mega
Compressed with: Winrar