Xenogears FR iso psx NTSC-US patched FR

Xenogears FR iso psx NTSC-US patched FR
In the year 4767, the Eldridge, a gigantic spaceship in the middle of the road to transport passengers and goods between two planets, was suddenly stormed by a virus touching the ship's main computer. Many messages are written on all monitors: "You shall be as God" and even before the crew could react, something had taken possession of the ship ... The autoguiding system is then put in place and the Eldridge's trajectory then changes and resets itself to the main planet of the system in which they evolve. Finding no flaw in the computer attack, the commander of the Eldridge then gives the order to evacuate but it is only lost because the laser cannons of the ship destroyed one by one the rescue vessels. The commander, in desperation, appealed to the last resort possible: the self-destruction of the Eldridge. The ship then crashes on a nearby planet, and a mysterious woman rises from the wreckage of the ship. She is naked with abundant purple hair ...

The game then resumed much later in the village of Lahan which is located on Ignas. This village is located on the edge of Aveh and Kislev, two nations that have been at war for centuries. In this peaceful village lives Fei Fong Wong. Fei arrived in this village on a rainy day when he was seriously injured and unconscious. It is a man dressed in a cloak and a mask who dropped him here. Still, Fei has no memory of his past and the only thing that matters to him right now is the wedding tomorrow between Alice and Timothy, his two best friends. He goes elsewhere to look at the village doctor, Citan Uzuki, video material to film the wedding.
After spending a good part of the day at Citan, Fei returns in the evening when suddenly several gears (very powerful fighting robots) land in Lahan. A battle breaks out, reducing everything to ruin. Fei and Citan arrive there in disaster and attend the helpless stage. While trying to save as many people as possible, Fei passes a gear whose pilot is dead and a series of strange flashes crosses his mind. Fei then climbs almost unconsciously in the gear and begins to handle it without any difficulty. Although he is doing his best to protect the village, he will then watch helplessly as Timothy dies. Fei will then enter a sort of trance and in a few seconds he will destroy the entire village in a huge explosion. Alice who was then present will not escape.
Fei will wake up later and have no memory of what just happened. Village survivors, on the other hand, will begin to be afraid of him and call him a murderer. Fei will then have no alternative but to leave his village.
So here you go for more than 60 hours of reinforced concrete scenario and I said 60 hours of scenario not 20 hours of scenario and 40 of side quests! Because the strength of Xenogears does not lie in its graphics but in its scenario.
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft
Type of Game: Role Playing

Language: FR
File Hosting: Mega
Decompression with: Winrar
Number of files: 2
CD1 : 337 Mo
CD2 : 381 Mo

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