Suikoden iso psx [PAL-FR] (patched FR CR-Hack)

Suikoden iso psx [PAL-FR] (patched FR CR-Hack)
FR game thanks to CR-Hack translation patch (Chaos ROMhack)
The series Suikoden is inspired by the Chinese novel of the fourteenth century At the water's edge, which tells the adventures of one hundred and eight characters (officers, lawyers, peasants, merchants, boatmen, martial artists ...) horizons and Extremely diverse social extractions, all of which have the common point of facing the vexations and injustice of the government and its corrupt agents. These 108 characters, become "stars" sent to earth to judge men and symbolize destiny, eventually gather around a leader in an impregnable fortress hidden in huge swamps.

The series has taken up the main features of the legend, presenting a main hero around which the 107 warriors will gather, to fight against an imperialist or even evil power, and establishing themselves in a headquarters often located at the water's edge. that the player will see himself build and expand as the game progresses.
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Type of Game: Role Playing
Release France: April 1997

Hosting files: Mega
Number of files: 1
File size: 360 MB

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