.hack//LINK (English patched) ISO PSP

.hack//LINK (English patched) ISO PSP
.hack // Link on PSP is an RPG of the .hack series. The story takes place in the virtual world called "The World R: X", 10 years after the previous installment. You play as Tokio Kuryu and discover the many unresolved mysteries of the series. The fights are conducted in pairs and it is the computer that controls your companion chosen from a list of 33 characters available.
Release Date:    March 4, 2010
Genre:    Action RPG
Publisher:    Bandai Namco Games
Type:    PSP ISO
Unpacked Size:    938 MB
Region:    Japan (NTSC-J)
Languages:    English Patched
Disc ID:    ULJS-00266
English Patch info:

Version: v1.0.2 – “Hero Tokio” [Corrects several translation errors missed in previous patches]
Release Date: December 2018
Fixes translation errors/spelling/long lines of v1.0 Some freezing issues also fixed but not all. This version is considered full and complete in regards to story. Some text, such as Link Judges, are currently untranslatable in this release, but such text has no bearing on the story. Character names on dialogs cannot be translated without causing the game to crash.

Progress Overview:

Animated scenes: 100%
Standard Dialogue: 100%
Items/Extras/E-Mails: 100%
Overall: 100%