I'm a white guy personals an Asian girl

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they're going to talk shit about you. It is ingrained in most Asian women to talk all matters of shit with regards to you, each of our SO. I guess that is where the language barrier comes to play as a good/bad issue. While ignorance is bliss it is recommended stay in tuned to what your GF parents and relatives say or act. Who knows if this tends to be the girl you will marry?

resemble your loaded. I don see why, But Asian parents always have a concern if their child is marrying a freeloader or a man who knows work ethics. Showing that you make a good earning and buying expensive presents( Ie computer, Louis V, and also so on) Lets them realize their daughter has chosen a good man, One which enables you to their daughter and one is not ASIAme a Lazy jerk. I know pretty judgmental and shitty but that is how many Asian parents see it, Not every Asian parent is like that but speaking personally and other friends who are Asian, Yea it issues.

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