Kimi no Yusha (English Patched) ROM DS

Kimi no Yusha (English Patched) ROM DS
Kimi no Yuusha is a DS role-playing game designed for players who play little. The story takes place on the continent of Midiarias, threatened by evil forces. Go on an adventure and manage a group that can reach up to ten people in full. The game is divided into 25 stories to which we add 50 mini-scenarios with decisions to make that can change the title in several directions which guarantees a unique adventure to each game.
Very minimalist partial English patch, translates:

Weapon names
Armor names
Accessory names 50%
All of the menu graphics
Item names
Spell names
Some of the character and monster names

Credits: valyr
Game Name: Kimi no Yusha (English Patched)
Original Title: キミの勇者
Region: Japan
Console: Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2008-10-23
Genre: RPG
Publisher: SNK Playmore
Languages: English Patched, Japanese
SIZE : 40 MB
Kimi no Yusha (English v1)