Summon Night X: Tears Crown (English Patched) ROM DS

Summon Night X: Tears Crown (English Patched) ROM DS
Following the famous Summon Night, this game mixes role playing, tactics and action. Summon Night X: Crown Tears takes place in the world of Runeheim, and offers you to embody the choice Fara, Princess of Celestia, or Diran, Prince of Deltiana. This choice will directly affect the scenario. The two screens of the DS are used during the fighting, one representing tunes and the second land.
Platform:    Nintendo DS
Release Date:    November 5, 2009
Genre:    RPG
Publisher:    Bandai Namco
Region:    Japan (NTSC-J)
Languages:    English Patched
This is a Summon Night X ~Tears Crown~ that has 99% of the text translated to english.
SIZE : 231 MB