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Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:20 pm
by Walterpoept
Reason Asians women date whites wherever possible where there are white men

There exist several reasons, Moreso in Asia themselves.

1. a real difference in height between the sexes is a secondary sexual characteristic. Women in all cultures tend to be drawn to men who are taller than them. White men happen to be taller, And often paper forms stronger, Than asian kitchenware men, So whites being taller is thought to be a factor.

2. Women in all cultures tend to be consumed by men who are wealthier than them. In Asia certainly, White men are sometimes richer than their Asian rivals, and often a lot richer. This often offers the outlook, In japan, Of her own home at a young age, an auto, your money, Servants, higher educatoin institutions for her children, nurture her aged parents; Or the outlook of migration to the West.

3. In Asian sub cultures, Whiter skin is often more highly valued as is not of beauty. as an example in Indonesia and India, Ads on TV tend to show lighter skinned models. Being darker is associated with working outside in the sun, as the peasant, And as these cultures are much closer to the transition from agriculture to modernity, There is still a negative status attached to being an agricultural worker (Unlike in the west, Where it is romanticised as the cowboy etc.). Many an Asian woman also sees value in the concept her child will be lighter skinned.

4. In Asian cultures men still enjoy more of the original higher status of males. This also tends to draw in white men to Asian women.

5. In Asian subculture, Age is revered or respected. Owing to rapid population growth in Asia over recent decades most of the populace is young. Older men are tremendously rare, And relatively highly valued when compared to the West, Where older men are much more prevalent, And men in most cases have a lower status.

6. within the last two centuries, The whites are now the dominant culture. Modernity has leave the white cultures. Many Asian women attribute the belief that many so many modern inventions come from white cultures to "Better brains, There is quickly higher status in having a white husband.

7. White culture has a convention of romanticism woman on a pedestal and all asiaMe that which Asian cultures do not, Where it was in the past woman under the thumb. Women find white men preferable for being romantic, And receptive.

8. under western culture, Feminism and the sexual revolution of the 1960s have forked out to raising a generation of men who are more egalitarian, And more inclined to give a high priority to pleasing a woman in bed, To try out cunnilingus and as one woman once said "There no such thing badly cunnilingus" hehe

9. pens are similar to status in the English language, which unfortunately, when equated with Asian languages, Is the cosmopolitan sophisticated language of the world, The 'language' of movies, Of the us and England, Of are a blast music, Of ways to advertise, Of up-to-date information etc. and a lot more. therefore on. talking English, Or having a bf or husband who does, Gives higher level.

As in all countries, In almost any age, Women are primarily motivated in picking mate by status, Kindness, power, effect and supportiveness, All problem of the tend to favour Asian women, specially in Asia itself, Dating whites wherever possible.

the expense of penis size that excites them, they might be dating African men. Africans have longer penis on average than white men. Therefore your hypothesis does not seem to have any support.

A more likely hypothesis is that people around the world consider Caucasians more attractive this can lighter skin tones. truth be told, Many women in Africa use dangerous chemicals to lighten their skin tone in order to look more desirable, Often with pathetic results. Asian women also tend to run away from the sun to keep their skin tone light. In Asian lifestyle, there is simply a phrase known as "bit white face" indicates a man who is handsome, But who abuses his the way they look to gain finanical favor from women. In some Asian people, This term is an antonym of macho man and it is effectively synonymous with the term gigolo.

Therefore Asian women may prefer to date white men because they find white men more pleasing. Similarly Asian men may prefer to date white women because they find white women more desirable. but yet, Whether the parents of the white women will let their daughters date a minority is largest hurdles facing such relationships.