Get reddit premiumWe are among the last standing communities left for East/Southeast/Central Asian men and women in diaspora (And to be more chosen, Every EA/SEA passing racial group) To combined efforts to defy racist/anti Asian western supremacism and FREELY criticize those in our community who follow it. find out more here.

EasternSunRising use viewed in Chrome, 1440 x 900 or safari, 1536 a 864

which means no harassing, Doxxing, Or inciting violence anywhere on our sub. Read more it here

Don fake.

including posts irrelevant to the sub or irrelevant to the thread at hand, Constant spamming of the same topics or advertising for other websites and subreddits, as soon as the advertiser has had very little or no history of posting on ESR. If website link Asiame.COM is about WMAF or anti Asian crimes, Please post ones own personal thoughts (At least a title) in the link.

No cringey shit

Don make cringey posts similar to alt right/4chan type posts. If a mod thinks a post as cringe, S/he may remove it at their discretion. Also avoid turning low effort posts (Shitposts).

upon trolling.

If you can be bought in here deflecting, Gaslighting or dismissive our issues, you will be banned. If you say anything anti Asian/racist towards us, several banned. If you are attached to and support any hate subs that are anti Asian, you will probably be banned. If you tell you he is Asian but we suspect you to be a troll, We will ask you to verify with us. Failure to do so can lead to a ban.

focus on East/Southeast Asian Unity

Any short sighted conflicts/divisions that may distract from our goal are not tolerated. Also do not make blanket documents about Asians of either gender.

possess start sub drama.

You are allowed to criticize problematic communities but don harass, Brigade, or antagonize other subreddits via pinging them or their users.

Zero tolerance for gaslighting Lus

which can be a self proclaimed "Woke AF, If you come in here and abundance of as hint that AMs are "quite white worshipping" Or make tries to deride AMXF even so slightly, Consider that you are banned.

don't Push Away Proud Azn asiaME.COM Women

in the instance, By the rare chance you do find a well aware AW (the person NOT a Lu) your sub, do not be a douchenugget to her.

unproductive Bashing of other POC

Posts comprising unproductive/senseless bashing of other minorities will be removed.

No messaging mods myself,more briefer,to me

PMs sent locally to a moderator will be ignored. If you need help, Please outfit "sales message the moderators" which follow.

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