Valkyria Chronicles II (USA+DLC) (En) ISO PSP

Valkyria Chronicles II (USA+DLC) (En) ISO PSP
Valkyria Chronicles 2 is a tactical RPG on PSP. The story propels you into the skin of Avan Hardins, a young man studying the art of war at Gallia's military academy. He will take up arms to defend his people against ethnic cleansing organized by revolutionary factions.
Release Date:    August 30, 2010
Genre:    Action RPG
Publisher:    SEGA
Type:    PSP ISO
Unpacked Size:    1 GB
Region:    USA (NTSC-U)
Languages:    English
Disc ID:    ULUS-10515
  • Seven Secrets
  • Two-Pronged Assault
  • Ultimate Challenge
  • Warship Showdown
  • Banquet of Ghosts
  • Battle at Doerfein EX
  • Battle at Lanseal EX
  • Battle At Mellvere EX
  • Battle at Roendahl EX
  • Cerulean Catastrophe
  • Exercise VS Class C
  • Exercise VS Class D
  • Exercise VS Class E
  • Exercise VS Class F
  • Final Engineer Exam
  • Final Lancer Exam
  • Final Scout Exam
  • Final Tech Exam
  • Final Trooper Exam
  • Mellvere Crisis
  • Mine Offensive
  • Race Against Time

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