NostalgiaLand Rules

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The rules to follow:

Dear visitor! First, we thank you for your registration on NOSTALGIALAND, we invite you to read the rules below to maintain a good atmosphere on the forum.

- To know how to live:

Remain courteous and polite in all circumstances: a forum is a space for discussion, not a place to be angry. No aggression, arrogance or contempt, otherwise the moderators will not hesitate to intervene. (penalty ranging from a simple warning to a ban).

Messages that are offensive, outrageous, defamatory, violent, racist, purely gratuitous or usurping the identity of a third party and, more generally, any message that offends the integrity of the person or the forum will be sanctioned by the administrator or moderators who will ensure the general agreement of the forum.

If you wish to make a remark about a quarrel, the disappearance of a subject or a post, send a private message to a moderator but do not pollute the forum by creating messages to show your hatred.

The goal of all participants is to learn and share their opinions. The language of flowers will always be more effective than aggression to explain your point of view to another user.

- The presentation:

There is not really a presentation template but a nice presentation to read is always appreciated.

- Ask for help:

Before posting a question on the forum, check if the answer to your question does not exist on the site, or if this discussion has not already been discussed in the forum using the search box. Think of poor moderators tired of having to answer the same question for the 50th time!

Label your message in a clear and understandable way: messages like "Help! ", " Help!!! Etc. will be closed immediately. Give elements to distinguish your message from others with explicit titles.

- Spelling:

Pay attention to your language level: avoid the SMS language which is quite painful to read. The goal is to be understood by the largest number of members, write in good English. Misspellings are allowed but in small doses

- Creating a post:

When creating a post, it is advisable to add one or more images (if possible at the beginning of post) to make this one more attractive. However, if the images are too large, it is important to resize these: the image hosting ( etc.) offer almost all this option, enjoy it. The first image may be in original format.

- Presentation of an upload:

When you want to propose an upload, we invite you to make a quick description (language, region (pal or ntsc), the size of the upload, an image and if possible a description of the game accompanied by screens).


When you enjoy the work of an uploader, it is normal to thank him for encouraging him. Sharing games takes some of their time but also their connection. Instead, write a nice sentence that impersonal "thank you". It will only take you 2 minutes but these 2 minutes in question will revalorize his work as well as his motivation to enrich your collection of games.

Thank you for your understanding.